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Anderson, CA 96007
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Meet The Staff

  • Michael Staszel,


    Dr. Staszel was born in Southern Poland but grew up in Chicago (go White Sox!).  He moved to Florida during high school.  He graduated from Nova Southeastern University School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1994.  He is board certified in family medicine.  He enjoys science and biology, but really just prefers spending time with patients.  He has a passion for history and archeology.  He loves oils paintings and is actually quite a skilled artist.

  • Ron Poli,

    Physician Assistant

    Ron Poli grew up in Scotia, California.  He graduated as a Physician Assistant from the UC Davis School of Medicine in 1988.  Ron loves taking care of kids and making them laugh.  Ron likes wood working,kayaking, and working around his yard.  He is a surprisingly good cook and boasts quite a large collection of cook books.

  • Lisa Henn,

    Physician Assistant

    Lisa Henn grew up in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated as a Physician Assistant from Stanford Medical School in 1979.  Lisa loves taking care of children and has a particular interest in infectious diseases.  Lisa is an avid gardener and loves to travel.  She has an odd interest in insects, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, but her true love is her dog, Willow.  She is also a bit of a computer geek and loves any gaget that Apple makes.

  • Summer Ross,

    Physician Assistant

    Summer Ross grew up in Lubbock, Texas and Chico, California.  She graduated as a Physician Assistant from the UC Davis School of Medicine in 2004.  Summer likes providing medical care in rural communities where she can help those in need of access to medical care.  She loves the challenge of figuring out what is causing an illness, and fancies herself a "disease investigator".  Summer is pretty busy raising her two kids, but in her free time enjoys shooting, skiing, and golf.  Oh, and did we mention, she speaks Spanish and Swedish!


  • Tiffany Reguera,

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    Tiffany Reguera is a family nurse practitioner with specialized training in weight loss medicine.  She boasts a healthy collection of shoes!  This NP can help you get thin.